you can buy this book at etsy.com or, of course, contacting me.


the new cat book is here! more photos are coming soon...


long time no see...
soon I will print new artist's book called "seven cat breeds". and at the moment you can take a look at original drawings for the book. ('.^d


buy books

now you can buy my two books "13 black cats" and "gran eciclopedia de insectos" in bookshop "DaDa" (http://libreriadada.xopie.com/) in Valencia. Also if it's impossible for you to come to Valencia, but you are interested to buy the books, then you can make the request to me.


long ago planned work, now it's a time to finish it...



this is my new calendar! every part of it is exchangeable, so I can put the right order of days for every month. 

this baby-doll was made to order. hope that the little girl, who received the doll as a gift, has fun playing with it.